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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  January 27, 2016 2:07am-2:35am EST

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reason trump could drop out of thursday's livedebate? >> what fox news is saying now as the donald goes off. >> i think i'm going to be treated unfai i do something else. >> if somebody says somet completely outlandish, call them it. >> trump threatening to pull out out of fear? nick carpenter is sued after his arrest. >> he's just trying to pick up pieces. also kendall jenner in a doll house. >> the wild paris fashion show. plus long before will smith's oscar diversity controversy, our oscar show boycott, our "e.t" flash back. >> and broadway hamilton, we'll tell you why stars are so upset from oprah to beyonce.
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it was almost as good. >> now our 35th season, this is "entertainment tonight." we talking to liam's brother. we're just days away from a live debate w megan kelly which should be huge for the ratings. >> huge, as donald would say. the donald has be making a lot of noise that he actually might drop out debate rather than face megan. trump versus kelly's round two. >> i'm not a fan of megan kelley, i don't like her, she probably doesn't like me, and that's okay, she just better be fair. >> if trump says that he's going
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he seems profoundly petrified of megan kelley. >> trump says megan kelley should not be allowed moderate the debate. >> who even heard of her before th debate? >> you call women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals. >> what i say is what i say. and honestly, megan, if you don't like it, i'm sorry, i have been very nice to yo although i could probably not be based on the way you have been of me. >> if somebody says something outlandish, you're probably not doing your job if you don't call them out on it. >> fox news is standing by her saying, sooner or later donald trump if he gets to be president h to learn he doesn't get to pick the journalist. attack?
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>> it's unpredictable, it's unscripted, we don't know what megan is going to say, we don know what trump's going to say, so for that reason, people are going to tune i >> kelly said of trump, that he as -- h called from time to time to complement a segment. i didn't know why he was doing that and then when he announced that he was running for president, it became more clear, but i can't be wooed, end quote. trump responded by tweeting, she is so average in every way, who wants to woo her. >> 25 million people will watch this debate. fox got 24 million back in august, this will break that record. >> it looks as if we can expect to see plenty of fire works between the candidates because megan's co-moderator brad baher. >> they're to mix it up
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meanwhile more trouble for former dance star and back street boy nick carter. >> my name is nick carter from backstreet boys, i'm singer. >> that's carter, barely vezable detained by police outside a key west bar. and nick being sued by a bouncer who alleges s s carter assaulted her during the con front taegs. >> reported on a body describing the incident to police. >> i'm running the bar. >> skylar's lawyer claims carter was the p aggressor. >> nick carter was out of control. he at my client with no justification whatsoever. >> nick seen coming into l.a.x. with his pregnant wife lauren friday wasn't talking, but he did tweet this next day, quote, i am human and at times it can be a struggle to balance the healthy lifestyle. i'm not perfect, for t am sorry. pieces.
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human, we all make mistakes. >> a. mclean stood behind his back street boys band mate. >> i k he's probably going through a lot, he's about to become a brand thank you fa so it takes a toll on you. >> a.j. was guest on his finest hours. starring chris pine and casey affleck. >> the endurance factor of having them be assaulted with water and wind a machines, it feels difficult even talk about it compared to what those guys went through. >> to the finest hours opens on friday. meanwhile miley cyrus got tongues wagging when she was spotted wearing liam helmsworth helmsworth's old engagement ring. are they eng not? we put the question to liam's brother chris.
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has reunited with miley? are you happy for him? i'm happy for him whatever he does in life. >> miley has been wea same 3.5 caret diamond ring that liam gave her in 2012. but i wedding is back on, she may not have much time plan it. she just signed a deal for woody allen's amazon series set in the 1960s, then there's this. a n slow ballad, kind of like the songs used to sing. is this a sign that the o miley is back? either way, she seems happy. and chris was just named australia's new global dwror. >> i'm extremely fortunate t have grown up there. australia is a pretty place, it's a place you feel.
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>> yes, do. >> cameron mathison joins us now with the show everybody wants to see. >> stars have been showing up like crazy for this thing called a game changer, hamilton is all about our foundi fathers, with but it's a rap musical with a completely diverse cast. here is why the broadway hit is become agricultural phenomenon. on fire, show-stoppers and a girl stopping scene about the american revolution. kind of like "daddy's child." it's happening >> and it's all from the brain of a t winner who wrote the show, also playing alexander hamilton, the guy on our $10 bill. >> we have crashed the in before, but to crash the phones is a whole different then. >> amy schumer got her play
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matthew mcconaughey and cate blanchett on a story told in rap. >> there was no like name needed to make this vehicle happen, which freed, you know, freed them up to actually cast th to the rest of the people. >> jonasjefferson, george washington and vice president aaron byrd the guy who killed hamilton in a duel, are not the white guys you learned about in school. >> it's a looking more and more like america this season, which is exciting. she did your wife. the walk. which is almost as good. >> the cast appeared in a panel at broad con a convention for
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>> it's great to see that kind of enthusiasm always because them. >> with $70 million in advance sales, sold out every night, it's actually kind of crazy what some will do for tickets. born, hand in mary, all sorts of things >> and the winner is hamilton. definitely something you'll be hearing a of at the tony's this year. now there is sad news about a new york star who began his career on broadway. he will a be remembered as fish on barney miller. he was 94. >> he always had a great sense of humor about his age. coming up, we're taking you to paris to see the star attacks fashion show putting models in a doll house. and then why are so celebs going crazy for bachel beds >> i would not be married t my show.
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>> my parents sending me well all know is back for the craze. but the big bang star kind of went over the top with these one of a k owing y oga pants. we're seeing who might win a part and who is just too much to handle. >> welcome to vegas. >> being able to shine has never been a problem for me. >> a super cringe worthy moment alicia shimmying out of a cake, we're wondering what the odds are that she'll make it to the finale. >> i don't want to be on camera. why can't i just have a moment?
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that he was like, oh. >> it was that big hug, ittwas so embarrassing. >> lauren's linge kiss with ben is one of our front-runners. it's all about the animal magnetism. >> she's like tigress like, she's like a sex panther. >> i would not be married to husband if it weren't for sh this show. >> their romance continuedon the live show. >> going home last night, amber, rachel and one of the twins halle was with her mom when ben broke the news. but don't count olivia out just yet. >> don't mess around, olivia's a here to stay. she's not going anywhere. >> she's pretty confident got the future. up next, will and helped fuel all those oscar boycott headlines.
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will has on principle and boycotted an awards show. speaking of oscars, who will be wearing what? we're getting inspiration in paris run way trends we might see on the red carpet. then inside the new manson tv movies, plus two walking dead stars' roma photo shoot, are us show secrets? >> that's ahead. when a dude tries to make you a superslave, and tries to kidnap your baby mama, you become a superhero. >> i'm totally on top of this. >> dead pool. >> you look like an avocado had
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the fashion world is buzzing about the channel world at paris couture week. they use a massive human doll house to introduce all the models. it's nothing short of spectacular. >> wonderfully different. there's another reason why all eyes are on the five days of fashion, how is it going to affect the academy awards? breaking down how this will translate on the oscar red carpet >> the style take away for ms. jenne, low cut and a plunging neckline. now let's turn to gorgeous gd. here it's all about the cape. no matter where you go give a very r feel. but this was gold and
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off a breath of fresh air. >> it was pe for the after party 2 as they twerked their way on instagram. gwyneth was on hand ta the fashion show and the girls were on point. >> scanning the paris run ways, i could definitely see charlese wearing to the outfits the show models. this black versace gleans the nominee lady gaga. it's edgy but classy. >> this >> now we all know j-law is the &- couture girl. but judging from the run ways in paris. >> stealing from the paris run way, oscar red carpet is
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sarah jess parker took this off the catalog. >> i think i went on about 20 seconds after it was in paris, so i begged. >> she have to do much begging. >> one that we're not -- jada pinkett-smith says she will not attend as a protest for the of diversity in the oscar nominations. >> this isn't the first time a member of the smith family has skipped an awards show in protest. we went through our archives back to 1989 and th when will made a statement by boycotting the grammys. >> we boycotted the grammys, we feel it was a slap in the face. >> taking on the zbramys over not broadcasting the rap category. >> we felt our music was important enough to be on this show.
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that his wife jada will not attend this week's oscars. >> they don't know anything about rap music and our boycott was to open their eyes to are rap music so that next year some rapper will be able to perform on the grammys. >> this year the duo won the grammy for their hit "parents just don't understand." after sitting out telecast, their boycott paid off, in 1990, the rap category was televised. >> this is a milestone in our career and it's a milestone in the history of rap. we're just happy to make history. and we jus it could have gone down differently. >> will smith i man of principle and he changed the game. make sure to tune in to the grammys on monday, february 15.
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millions will be tuning into the premier the people versus o.j. o. jvmt o.j. simpson, an american crime story. and another crime story about charles manson and the girls slated to carry out his deadly mission. >> in our eyes, charlie could perform miracles. charlie was a god. >> manson's lost girls patricia krenwi and susan atkins each are serving live sentences for murder. >> atki such a character and she's wonderful and beautiful and ugly and loy and i ejust wanted to play her. i was excited to get into her shoes. >> atkins took a part in all eight manson family murders, including actress sharon tate, she died in prison in 2009. >> action. >> that guy.
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to >> there's definitely a good amount of drug use, you see us smoking a lot. drugs is a very big part of who these people were and so it's a very of the movie. >> kristen manson is a -- >> all these people are looking for acceptance, looking for guidance. >> he plays tex the watson, convicted of seven manson killings, and james word plays manson. >> i'm willing get out and kill a whole bunch of people. >> he talked to manson in prison in 1989. >> it was a bunch of chil giving their lives for a bunch of different reasons. you know who wesley told the court? what did you think when you were stabbing that woman?
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won't be sending your son to vietnam. let's move on to "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which comedian made their film debut 1993's cone heads. dege
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watch the moment kloe kardashian found out about lamar's overdose. >> kloe has been spending every second with lamar. >> what we just found out about a hot new romance.
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birds trailer, filled with stars like blake shelton, maya rudolph and "snl's" kate mckenny. >> there's comedy, there's action, it's a real roller coaster. time now for the answer to tonight's new "e.t" birthday. what comedian made their film de in the 198 0s film cone heads? ellen. >> amc's the walking dead is back on, valentine's day and maybe that's appropriate because there really i bromance brewing between rick and darrell. we even saw it when the actors posed for tv guide magazine out this week. >> and the cone heads expect to see even more.
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